North Georgia Boating Club

Welcome to the North Georgia Boating Club!

The North Georgia Boating Club is a loose knit community of boaters and people that love the water. The “Club” seeks  fun and affordable water based recreational opportunities for the enjoyment of it’s members. The Club acquires, through lease or purchase, recreational assets including boats and water front vacation homes.

Members have the opportunity to attend club outings and / or reserve  private use of club assets.

Reservations of vacation homes, and boats are on a first come first serve basis. The club offers navigators, who will help match available lakeside accommodations and watercraft with  members seeking to reserve use.

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 As of October 2013  Lanier Cabin Rental has been designated as the Club’s official navigator. LCR can Provide can provide information and recommendations for numerous Lake Lanier Area recreational and lodging opportunities. Club members will have access to private homes and even yachts that are not available to the general public.


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